Featured Events

TWE12VE – November 2018

Start Date: Nov-12-2018

End Date: Nov-30-2018

Winters Hollow – December 2018

Start Date: Dec-14-2018

End Date: Dec-31-2018

Dazzle Event – November 2018

Start Date: Nov-01-2018

End Date: Nov-25-2018

Designer Showcase – November 2018

Start Date: Nov-05-2018

End Date: Nov-30-2018

!Boardwalk Event – November 2018

Start Date: Nov-15-2018

End Date: Dec-15-2018

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The Event Scouts

Our event scouts are experienced SL™ Residents who are helping us to stay updated about the hottest events on the Second Life™ grid.

Juana Villiers
Nova Convair
Bethany Fire
Trinity Yazimoto
Helena Barrows
Palomma Casanova
Drusilla Sciavo
Jolene Carami
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