Fairs are the bundled showcases of many of Second Life’s™ hottest Designers and Artists, offering you special editions, bargains and the latest novelties.

Treasure Hunts

Bring you to new and mysterious places all over the grid and on top of that you will be rewarded with attractive gifts from various, well established and new content creators.

Arts & Culture

Discover new and emerging visual artists from all over the world working in genres like  machinima, photography and other exotic installations possible in a virtual  environment.


Find parties, live performers, DJ’s listen to their music and meet like-minded people from all over the globe Video by Kute Toodle

Find Events

Easy find and sort interesting events and see which shops are there.

List your Events

Let your event to be found on GridAffairs

Featured Events

Our Event Scouts

Our event scouts are experienced SL™ Residents who are helping us to keep updated about the hottest events on the Second Life™ grid.

Juana Villiers

Nova  Convair

Bethany Fire

Trinity Yazimoto

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