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Making it easy to find and list Second Life® Events

We make it easier for everyone to find the best and hottest events on the Second Life® Grid and also help event organizers, content creators and residents to connect in mutually beneficial ways
We love and embrace the digital age, virtual worlds and quite anything Internet related. This we pair with a healthy sense for quality and beauty to make things better where we can and changes will happen.
We love to provide a platform based on respect for privacy and intellectual property with a focus on sustainability and user value


Easy see actual running -, upcoming- and past events.

Sort by topic and date.

See if your favorite shops and people are there.


Find the biggest list of shops that are actively participating in events so you can check them even after the event is over.

Say good bye to sifting through thousands of products that are outdated or discontinued.


Our friends run great places on the grid and as a special goodie for you they placed our subscription sign, where you can easy start/stop to receive our inworld notifications or join our little but growing group.

Anyhow – those are great places to visit!

Event Organizers

Looking for events to partizipate or just see the who is who behind some of the biggest events?

Go no further then our growing list of event organizers.


Artists are the hidden gems of SL™!

No matter if they are musicians, DJ’s, or visual artists, they bend the borders, and bring live to sl with their exhibitions and events.


You are new to SL™? Then you might look out to learn some skills. Learn to build, to script and more.

Easy find some coaches and see when they give classes in which topic.

Connect with GridAffairs

Visit our friends and use our subscriber kiosk to subscribe or join the inworld group to receive news about events inworld.

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Contact us about events not yet listed on GridAffairs via the forms on this site or send a notecard Inworld to Juana Villiers.

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