Frou Frou Beach Body Edition – June 2018

Start Date: June 9, 2018
End Date: July 8, 2018
Come and check out the amazing new location and all the sexy summer goodies your favourite designers have created just for you.

You can rest assured that every single exclusive is the higest of quality and 100% original. With other 50 items showcased, there is something for everyone!

The following Shops participate at Frou Frou Beach Body Edition – June 2018

This Event is brought to you by:

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Flair for Events

One of SecondLife’s leading event planning and management companies. Established in March 2012 by Missy (missqwerty Pevensey), Flair For Events has brought you a range of fashion orientated events that have increased with popularity over time.



Flair for Events Team:

Missqwerty Pevensey
Taylalouise Resident
General Manager
Harlotry Resident
Blogger Manager
AriaKenden Resident

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