LoveFest 2018

LoveFest 2018

LoveFest 2018 is the 7th annual HP Lovecraft Festival of Second Life.

As of each year LoveFest prepares a full sim dedicated solely to this event, including: a shopping town with many of the best Second Life® merchants,  the Regent theater with a full schedule of events and activities.

Also there will be the like each year at the Lovecraft Festival an adventure/quest.
This years theme is: “the Path of Madness”

Our visitors will enjoy shopping at the merchants quarter of our New England Coastal town, trying their luck at the ever-popular Fuzzbutt Gacha Shack, find roleplay opportunities while they hazard to explore the Kingsport district, and beyond. They will also experience a week of sim-wide events and entertainment!

It is scheduled for August 16-27, 2018, booked as always around Lovecraft’s Birthday – as the late, great H.P. Lovecraft turns (in his grave) 128 years old!

Find the detailed schedules here!

The Shops at LoveFest 2018: