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You want your Second Life™ Event listed for FREE on

We love to publish your events for free, but please accept that we can’t handle submissions which arrive less than 1 week before the event start date.

Just make a notecard with the name: Event to list at GridAffairs and fill it with the event infos like the template below.

Contact Person (SL Resident Name only):

Event Title:

Event Description:

List of Event Participants (Shops, Artists..)

  • Shop Name, Owner Resident Name
  • Artist Resident name

Event Type:

Is your event a Fair, Treasure Hunt, Educational Event, Festival, Art-, Music- or Live Performance ?

Event Start Date:

Event End Date:

Event Location SLURL:

Event Website:

Event Logo: 512x512px:

The Logo Image needs to have modify, copy, transfer permissions

Please send the complete info’s Inworld in a notecard to Juana Villiers

Incomplete notes will not be attended!

In case of any doubts, please contact us Inworld with a notecard